Forging Safety in Every Fabrication:
The Safety Lab NZ's Commitment to Manufacturing Excellence.

In the heart of New Zealand's economy lies its bustling manufacturing sector, a vibrant amalgamation of innovation, production, and tradition. Yet, this industrious realm is not without its unique health and safety hurdles, from machinery-related psychosocial and physical risks to chemical and heat-related exposures.

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At The Safety Lab NZ, we champion the cause of safeguarding NZ's manufacturing workforce.

We delve into the sector's intricate safety needs, offering specialised risk management strategies, worker and leadership training modules, and cutting-edge digital solutions.


With over ten years' experience and learning, gained from working with manufacturing goliaths such as Nissan, LG Electronics, Glaxo Smith-Kline, and Coca-Cola Amatil, we have a keen understanding of manufacturing and the Kiwi landscape.

We are committed to sculpting a safer, more efficient operational environment for all.

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