SafePlus OnSite Assessment

SafePlus - On-Site Assessment

Developed Jointly by WorkSafe, ACC & MBIE

SafePlus is a health and safety improvement toolkit for businesses that enables in-depth conversations that include people at all levels of the organisation. 

These conversations can help to reveal for any organisation what might help – and what gets in the way of – working in ways that are healthy and safe. 

The SafePlus toolkit supports organisations in developing a culture that includes everyone’s health and safety practices and ideas, to build collective ownership of performance.

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The SafePlus on-site assessment looks at how work is done, with input from people across your organisation. This offers increased confidence about how well an organisation is managing its health and safety risks – and increased assurance that they are focused on and investing in the right things.

The SafePlus approach helps strengthen health and safety in a work culture. It supports growing trust and participation with workers, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity.

Engaged workers are more likely to think positively about their work and support your organisation’s aims and values. Less-engaged workers are 40% 1 more likely to experience harm needing medical attention or time off work.

(Data taken from the WorkSafe Segmentation and Insights Programme: Employers and Workers – Final Report: 1 December 2021)

Worker benefits:

• Helps reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and illness

• Increased confidence their employer takes worker participation in health and safety seriously and has their best interests in mind.

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Business benefits:

• Confidence from using a health and safety improvement approach developed by WorkSafe, ACC and MBIE for Aotearoa New Zealand

• Helps avoid the consequences and cost of workplace accidents and harm

• Boosts the organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice

• Shows leadership in health and safety within your industry and the wider community.

Each of the SafePlus tools looks at three key elements of health and safety: leadership, risk management and worker engagement.

Behind these elements are ten performance requirements, each using indicators written for SafePlus, to describe an organisation’s health and safety capability in relation to a maturity scale.

Rather than having a compliance focus, SafePlus assessments identify the organisation’s current health and safety maturity stage – developing, performing or leading – and provide a way to move forward, with tailored guidance from health and safety experts.

Safeplus assessors are independent, HASANZ-registered professionals, trained to carry out SafePlus onsite assessments for your business.

All SafePlus assessors must be listed on the HASANZ Register. HASANZ-registered professionals have had their qualifications, experience, and skills independently verified.

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