The Safety Lab NZ offers expert advice refined from over two decades of experience working with organisational leaders through to front-line staff in businesses of varying sizes including startups and global brands. This provides us with the insight to develop and deliver comprehensive but simplified strategies, practical training and awareness to ensure the highest safety standards are met through the professional management and reduction of physical and psychosocial risks and liabilities. We bring agility to health and safety, calling on the experience of the past, to get you future ready.

Whether you are looking for retained health and safety advisory or ad-hoc audit or training services, for support on an hourly-rate basis or need a fixed price project, our flexible and reliable approach means we'll have a service that will fit your needs, regardless of the size of your business. 

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Packaged Targeted Support Services

Health & Safety Governance
Experience world class health and safety leadership and master the art of Health and Safety Governance with a framework inspired by top industry best practices.
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Commercial Property Risk
Transforming workplaces into fortified safe havens for building occupiers, owners and managers, with our in-depth reviews of building compliance through a Health and Safety lens
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SafePlus On-site Assessment
Developed by WorkSafe, ACC and MBIE, SafePlus is a health and safety improvement toolkit that enables in-depth conversations that include people at all levels of the organisation. 
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SafeSight Compliance Audit
See beyond the present and look to the future with our comprehensive compliance audit that highlights what you do well, where you need to focus, what best practice looks like and how to get there.
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