With over two decades of experience, we specialise in health, safety, and wellbeing (HSW) risk management and leadership development.

Our expertise lies in simplifying bureaucracy and 
HSW challenges, which we have done successfully in various industries and complex and high-risk/high-hazard or production-orientated organisations.

We have successfully implemented holistic health and wellness programs, regulatory compliance programs, and behavioural-based and psychological safety initiatives in various sectors, with their own unique challenges throughout New Zealand, Australia and the UK, helping them to excel in managing hazardous materials, property risk, and workplace health and safety, achieving significant and award-winning results.

With extensive health and safety experience in the construction, manufacturing and process sectors, we have proved to be a valuable and trusted resource to diverse and global brands such as Nissan Manufacturing, LG Electroncis, Glaxo Smith-Kline, Shell, LG-Phillips, and Coca-Cola Amatil. We also have significant central government and education sector leadership experience.

The Safety Lab NZ is committed to fostering a people-centric approach to health and safety, driven by a passion for diversity and allyship and a commitment to raising the profile of the health and safety profession as a strategic partner to business. 

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What is The Safety Lab NZ?

The Safety Lab NZ is a leading health, safety, and wellbeing consultancy providing construction, manufacturing, government and education organisations with tailored occupational health, safety and wellbeing risk management services and project management of web-based risk management technologies.

What problems do we solve for our customers?

We recognise the challenges businesses of every size can face in maintaining health and safety standards due to limited time, human resources, or lack of an in-house specialist to help. Our services aim to shoulder the load with you and remove the pain points associated with achieving high standards for health and safety and occupational risk management. We are your outsourced Health and Safety Specialist, working on-demand to help you raise the bar with compliance, competence and organisational culture.

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What value do we add or provide to our customers?

The Safety Lab NZ offers expert advice refined from over two decades of experience working with organisational leaders through to front-line staff in businesses of varying sizes including startups and global brands, which provides us with the insight to develop and deliver comprehensive but simplified strategies, practical training and awareness to ensure the highest safety standards are met through the professional management and reduction of physical and psychosocial risks and liabilities. We bring agility to health and safety, calling on the experience of the past, to get you future ready.

How we partner with you

Step 1
Initial discovery conversation to help us better understand your pain points, struggles and challenges, what you are aiming to achieve, and see if we are the best fit for your needs.

Step 2
Identify what support or packages services suits your needs and the most efficient and cost-effective way we can help your, which ensures you get the best possible value.

Step 3
Develop a detailed solutions proposal and scope of work, present it to you and your stakeholders, address any questions and queries and agree to move forward together.

Step 4
Develop and agree on a timeline for the work to be done, identify and agree on key milestones and objectives to achieve in the journey and agree on how process will be measured.

Step 5
Start the work, do our thing, and work our magic in a way that fits your business, organisational culture, aims, wants and needs to give you peace of mind and true value.

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Why should you partner with us?

By partnering with us, we will help you not only to ensure your health and safety compliance and raise the bar with your health and safety standards, but you will also gain a strategic ally that works to understand the intricacies of your operations and the importance of uninterrupted business continuity. Many client benefit from our understanding and expertise and value our approach in simplifying and strategically aligning health and safety risk with business objectives, which leads to a holistic and honed view of their business risk landscape and horizon.

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